You see, I think everything's terrible anyhow. And I know. I've been everywhere and seen everything and done everything.


Who the fk volunteers for personal gain??? I thought volunteering was for the greater good???

Lol so I saw on my university’s confession page a post listing places where one shouldn’t volunteer because they don’t give out reference letters so I replied, “I didn’t know volunteering was only about reference letters” and a girl replies something about how “those places aren’t saving lives so why should we volunteer there???” LOL OKAY. Obvs don’t know what volunteering means.



if gatsby wrote a letter to nick it would be addressed to “old sport” because i firmly believe gatsby doesnt know nicks name



i swear to god if i see another person saying ‘if you think obesity is bad, you’re a fat shamer!!’


obesity is a real problem that causes lots of diseases

and just because i don’t like obesity, doesn’t mean i don’t like obese people

it’s like, i hate cancer, but i don’t hate people with cancer or shame people who have cancer


I remember being in a Development Studies class (dropped it a few days later; schedule conflict) and got to talk to a very wise Ghanaian guy, here on a scholarship. He told the people around him that the main issue in many places isn’t always the lack of education, or food, or shelter, or clean water… But that it’s the lack of the people’s belief in themselves. He said that giving someone else a sense of empowerment — handing over to them the reins and letting them take control is the key. And I believe that. I believe that if you want to pursue something, don’t look at what you lack, look at what you have, and work with that.

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